Trait data

Data use policy

This dataset is associated with the following article:

Anderegg, W.R.L., A.G. Konings, A.T. Trugman, K. Yu, D.R. Bowling, R. Gabbitas, D. Karp, S. Pacala, J.S. Sperry, B. Sulman, N. Zenes (2018). Hydraulic diversity of forests regulates ecosystem resilience during drought. Nature.

The authors believe that archiving and sharing of datasets is important for advancing ecology and global change science. At the same time, for data sharing to be successful and sustainable, it is critical for those involved in data acquisition, archiving, and use do so in an ethical manner. As a condition for the use of this dataset, we request that that users agree:

  1. To notify the lead author (William Anderegg: if the dataset is used in any publication and
  2. To cite the source paper for the dataset (above). If the dataset forms the entirety or >~50% of the dataset used in your own publication, we suggest that you might raise the possibility of co-authorship (depending on circumstances, this may or may not be appropriate, but it’s valuable to have the conversation)

In addition, please note that individual traits were compiled from separate datasets and if you plan to use those traits, please read their data-use policies and cite those papers/datasets.

COMMUNITY-WEIGHTED TRAIT DATASET FluxSites_CommunityTraits_WebsiteUpload_9-2018.xlsx